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The House of Friendship aims to provide a community living experience and opportunity for social action for students and voluntary service workers.   Our approach to community living is based on a Mennonite understanding of Christian principles.  To this end, we stress the importance of peace and non-violence; of equality and tolerance; of mutual support and honest communication, and of service to the needs of the larger society.  We welcome applications from all (students 18 to 30 years of age) who respect these principles.

This application will take about 10 minutes, and will save automatically when you finish. If you have any questions about the form or need help, feel free to contact the Residence Coordinator at
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Please also include your academic year, if applicable.
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Pictures, rent and other room information is available at

Getting to know you:

Please tell us about yourself by writing a couple of short sentences in response to each question.

We welcome applicants with diverse beliefs, backgrounds and experiences, and we will not exclude someone on the basis of their beliefs, background or experience.
Briefly describe your personality and interests: *

What are some of your dreams and plans for the future? *

What are your views on violence, nonviolence, and war? *

Why does this kind of community interest you? *

What is your religious or spiritual affiliation, if any? *

Though the House of Friendship is a Mennonite organisation, we welcome people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs, and we encourage an environment of peace building and mutual respect.
What past volunteer experience have you had? 
Where are you interested in volunteering next year? *

Our residents participate in community-building volunteer initiatives for 2-4 hours per week.
Community building is an integral part of the residence experience at the House of Friendship. Are you willing to participate in the life of the community through a weekly shared meal, an annual retreat, occasional workshops in communication and conflict resolution, and a small commitment to volunteering? *

Do you have any dietary restrictions or allergies that may impact living in community?

For example: vegan, celiac, or another restriction that we should keep in mind while cooking in a group.
Do you have any special needs (physical, mental health, etc) that may impact living in community?

This question is confidential, but will allow the Coordinator to find resources for you if need be. That said, you're not required to disclose.

For example: "I have ADHD, so please be patient if you have to remind me twice about something!"
Please provide us with three references.We suggest one personal, one professional, and one spiritual (or related to personal growth).No family members, please.

Reference #1: *

Please include:
-Relation to you
-Email address
-Phone number
Reference #2: *

Please include:
-Relation to you
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Reference #3: *

Please include:
-Relation to you
-Email address
-Phone number
If there is space available, the Residence Coordinator will contact you to schedule a short interview. How are you available to meet? *

Anything else you'd like us to know?

Thank you for applying to live with us!
We look forward to meeting you.

You can find more information on the residence at

If you have any questions, you may contact:
Jonna Pedersen
Residence Coordinator at the House of Friendship
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